Maria Roldan

Maria Roldan



MARIA ROLDÁN is a Spanish lawyer specialising in Civil, employment, bankruptcy and finance law having been a member of the Córdoba Law Society since 2000 and of the Malaga Law Society since 2010.

Prior to practicing as a lawyer, Maria Roldán worked in opposition to Notaries at the Registry and Notary Academy of Córdoba (1990 to 1998) and in 2000 joined the State Tax Administration Agency in Córdoba for support services in IRPF campaigns.

From 2000 Maria Roldán practiced law representing various groups of promoters and construction companies nationwide, resolving various company and individua matters, trying to reach an agreement before initiating legal proceedings.

Maria Roldán has extensive experience acting as a bankruptcy administrator of companies and of individuals.

Maria Roldán has acted in various civil proceedings such as breach of property contracts, divorces, variation of measures, disability, inheritance disputes, mortgage floor clauses, mortgage interest rate clauses, mortgage setup costs, preferred shares, bank shares, liability for constructive damages, for damages sanitary and road traffic accident claims.

Maria Roldán has acted in various employment disputes such as incapacity claims, changes in grade, accidents of work, illegal termination of workers, derivations of responsibility, dismissals, claims of quantity.

Maria Roldán has acted in various criminal matter such as assistances to declarations, fast trials, abbreviated procedures.

Maria Roldán has also successfully resolved matters before the Regional Economic Court of Andalusia and have taken matters before the contentious administrative jurisdiction (against resolutions of the Junta de Andalucía and against the General Treasury of the Social Security and claims for patrimonial responsibilities before the Administration).

Professional qualifications

Law degree from the University of Córdoba (1990)

Master’s Degree in Tax and Accounting Advice from the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Córdoba (2001)

Diploma in Expert Course in Urbanism and Real Estate Development of the Institute of Business Practice (2003)

University Expert in Bankruptcy Law by the International University of Andalusia (2011)

Master’s in Law from the University of Málaga (2012)