Expert evidence


Expert evidence

Paloma España, an English practising solicitor and a Spanish practising abogado, regularly acts as an Expert Witness in matters of Family Law (ie matrimonial, probate, children and the elderly) regarding issues of Spanish law before the English Courts, providing Affidavits or Certificates of law and/or giving evidence.


  • In an English probate application, where the deceased was domiciled outside England & Wales, the Probate Office will require an Affidavit as to Spanish law.
  • In English proceedings involving aspects of Spanish law and particularly so if there are disputes as to jurisdiction or procedure then English Judges tend to request expert witness statements or certificates of Spanish law.
  • Matters involving the UK Court of Protection and Spanish based property.
  • Assisting English County Councils or Local Authorities with child care orders or interim care orders involving the similar Spanish authorities or courts.

Paloma España holds a Master’s certificate form the Universidad Internancional de Andalucia in Family and Succession law (Titulo de Master Propio en Derecho de Familia y Sucesiones) with particular emphasis on international matters involving divorce, contested probate, child abduction, special guardianship orders, and child care orders.

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