María del Mar Núñez

Maria del Mar Nunez

María del Mar Núñez

Procedural Lawyer


María del Mar Nunez was born in Switzerland (Koblenz) and started practicing law in 1995 as a criminal lawyer. Today, when negotiations break down she defends her client’s interests in court. In essence, she is a procedural lawyer.

Member of the School of Law of Barcelona (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona), number 21180.  She practiced law in Barcelona from September 1995 to the year 2011, when she decided to move residence to Mijas, Málaga. Nowadays she continues to work in Andalucia and all of Spain, and is also member of the School of Law of Malaga (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Málaga) with member number 7643.

Her experience is wide and diverse; criminal, civil (quantity claims, timeshare, damages, traffic accidents…), family (separations, divorces), trade, banking (floor clause, mortgage cost claims), insurance company lawyer in Barcelona, and additionally her firm collaborated with the judicial school of practices for judges in Barcelona.

She explains how Spanish law is applied and its judicial procedures clearly and simply for both foreigners and Spanish nationals.

Professional qualifications

Member of the School of Law of Barcelona, Spain.

Member of the School of Law of Malaga, Spain.

Degree in law from the private university ABAD OLIBA, Barcelona, Spain.

Named substitute judge on the 16th of March 2010 by the judiciary general council, act 21/2010.